18 small hotels found

  • Urgup Evi

    Nevsehir, Urgup/Cappadocia

    Charming little hotel which converts several of Cappadocia`s historic cave-dwellings into stylish and comfortable rooms. more

  • Les Maisons de Cappadoce

    Nevsehir, Uchisar/Cappadocia

    Cappadocian cave dwellings converted by a French architect into contemporary homes of great aesthetic verve. more

  • Gamirasu Cave Hotel

    Nevsehir, Ayvali/Cappadocia

    Friendly, well-run hotel hidden in one of Cappadocia's `undiscovered` villages. more

  • Yunak Evleri

    Nevsehir, Urgup/Cappadocia

    Rooms within rooms, vaults under the garden and intimate two-people restaurants make this marvellous cave labyrinth in Ürgüp, dominated by imposing cliffs, a place like no other! more

  • Museum Hotel

    Nevsehir, Uchisar/Cappadocia

    ...delightfully cosy and colourful hotel that is as much a cultural treat as a comfortable place to spend the night. more

  • Sacred House

    Nevsehir, Urgup/Cappadocia

    Each room bursts with a surfeit priceless antiques, bold ideas, breathtaking details, and some touches of true genius.
    Due to the renovations they are closed right now. They will reopen at the beginning of 2014.

  • Anatolian Houses

    Nevsehir, Goreme/Cappadocia

    The most boldly luxurious of all cave hotels in Cappadocia more

  • 4oda

    Nevsehir, Urgup/Cappadocia

    4oda is among the first troglodyte houses to be revived in the Urgup-Cappadocia area. Some original features left by the Greeks -stone carvings, niches and wine presses- have been preserved. more

  • Kale Konak Cave Hotel

    Nevsehir, Uchisar/Cappadocia

    The best thing about the Kale Konak is a little room at the top called the Grape room. more

  • Taskonaklar Rocky Palace Cappadocia

    Nevsehir, Cappadocia/Uchisar

    Uchisar has definitely been reborn this year. 'Taş Konaklar' or Stone Houses is one of several lovely new hotels in the village more

  • Fairytale Cave Hotel

    Nevsehir, Mustafapasa/Cappadocia

    A 19th century building, which has been renovated from top to bottom... more

  • Hezen Cave Hotel

    Nevsehir, Ortahisar/Cappadocia

    One of the most colourful hotels in Cappadocia. more

  • Aithra Cave Hotel

    Nevsehir, Urgup/Cappadocia

    A 250 year-old Greek house in the former Greek quarter of Ürgüp. Located on a height, it commands a great view: Cappadocia on one side, Mount Erciyes on the other. more

  • Cappadocia Estates

    Nevsehir, Mustafapasa/Cappadocia

    A unique small hotel consist of different historical mansions across each other, Villas Sinasos and Tulip. Result of meticulous restoration and utmost attention to detail. more

  • Satrapia Hotel

    Nevsehir, Cappadocia

    Satrapia - an old Persian word for governorate - was dreamed up by the Turhan family. more

  • Mithra Cave Hotel

    Nevsehir, Cappadocia

    This original hotel on the slopes of Göreme commands a great view. more

  • Göncü Mansions

    Nigde, Goreme/Cappadocia

    In spite of its location at the heart of Cappadocia, its mountain ranges and Seljukid monuments, Niğde never received the share of visitors that it deserved. more

  • Millstone Cave Suites

    Nevsehir, Cappadocia

    An inspiring hotel in Uchisar, Cappadoccia more