18 small hotels found

  • Ocakkoy

    Mugla, Oludeniz/Fethiye

    32 stone cottages built around the ruins of a Greek village abandoned a century ago. more

  • Tlos Mountain Lodge

    Mugla, Yaka(Tlos)/Fethiye

    Tlos Mountain Lodge is a small hotel that has featured regularly in our book over the years. It is the kind of warm and friendly guesthouse that you might encounter in a European village.


  • Oyster Residences/Ölüdeniz

    Mugla, Oludeniz/Fethiye

    A small hotel of surprising elegance in the heart of Ölüdenizs beach district. more

  • Mr. Dim Exclusive Apart Hotel

    Mugla, Gocek

    A nice hotel in a very lush garden in Gocek more

  • Yediburunlar Lighthouse

    Mugla, Yediburunlar/Fethiye

    The interior of the house is as magical as any gnomes nest in Narnia. It is all colourful and cosy, and obviously built with love, and at the same time it is noticeably neat and precise in its details. more

  • Jade Residence

    Mugla, Oludeniz/Fethiye

    luxurious decoration and super-comfortable fitments nestling inside cool stone walls and overlooking a pool. more

  • Pastoral Valley Eco Farm

    Mugla, Yaniklar/Fethiye

    the swimming pool has a natural filtration system, while much of the food is cooked using an old-fashioned tandır oven to heat the water more

  • Yonca Lodge

    Mugla, Yaniklar/Fethiye

    A sprawling property by the beach, largely in "natural" state. more

  • Dikencik Cottages

    Mugla, Yesiluzumlu/Fethiye

    a great getaway-from-it-all, attractive self-catering cottages with soaring open rafters and big fireplaces more

  • The White Dolphin

    Mugla, Oludeniz/Fethiye

    This is a perfect venue for a romantic getaway. more

  • The Bay Beach Club

    Mugla, Gunluklu/Fethiye

    If you want to feel like Robinson Crusoe without any of the discomfort, you couldn't find a better place. more

  • Shambala

    Mugla, Faralya/Fethiye

    In the beautiful Kabak cove, beyond Ölüdeniz, you could almost imagine yourself on a Far Eastern island. The view over the turquoise sea is breathtaking. more

  • Turan Hill Lounge

    Mugla, Fethiye

    The spirit of "flower children" lives on in this magnificent cove. Here, you find another Turkey and a different approach to holidays: no large buildings, no cement and no plastic. more

  • Adrenalin Village

    Mugla, Fethiye

    As its name suggests, this holiday village, 5 km. from Fethiye, will delight the energetic and young at heart. more

  • Lissiya Hotel

    Mugla, Kabak/Oludeniz/Fethiye

    Perched 100 metres above the sea, it boasts a breathtaking view over Kabak bay. more

  • Perdue Hotel

    Mugla, Faralya/Fethiye

    Forget everything you knew about hotels! Lost (“perdu” in French) in a pine forest between Faralya and Kabak and commanding a spectacular view of the Mediterranean, hidden turquoise bays and olive groves, this hotel offers the most unusual accommodation in Turkey. more

  • Renka Hotel & Spa

    Mugla, Gocek

    Located on the slopes above Göcek, this hotel boasts a spectacular view. more

  • Nautical Hotel

    Mugla, Faralya/Fethiye