Dear Traveler,

About 14 years ago, we came upon this desire to share what we've discovered while roaming around the country, village by village. And we started publishing a series of travel books, and our "Little Hotel Book"

We encountered an unexpected interest.

We pioneered the formation of the concept of "small hotels", as well as bringing new standards to traveling habits. Even ourselves, failed to grasp how big was the avalanche we set in motion. The hotel reviews, that we started out as a hobby, set the foundation to a brand new trend. New hotels, all exceptional, started to appear, even beyond the trendy coastlines of the country. We religiously avoided the term "boutique" hotel, but everyone, especially the press loved this term, so more resistance is futile, we are adding this word to our vocabulary.


Our travelling duo, which started with Mr. Sevan kept growing and reforming.
As two sisters, we travel thousands of miles every year, in search of "mosts" so that we can share them with you.
The mentality of the industry has evolved enormously throughout the years.
But we never compromised our basic principles.
Hospitality and hygiene is a must.
The personality, and sometimes the amateur spirit of the establishment excites us.
On the other hand, the trends are changing, hip hotels manage to capture our hearts as well.

In an nutshell, our guide is a product of rather subjective evaluation.
We picked the hotels we liked staying in, the ones we will be comfortable suggesting to our friends.

Some of them got into the list due to the personality of the host, some of them due to their remarkable location. Some had exceptional gardens, some had exceptional food, but the bottom line is we liked them all.

"The Little Hotel Book" managed to be an international best-seller, every year, since the first day it has been published. Now we are happy to top it up with a new website, so that the entire world can reach the best small hotels faster.

Dear travelers,

We believe this new website we built according to your suggestions to be alot more usable. Hopefully, we still remain to be the most honest, among the hotel review websites.

Please keep sharing your experiences, memories and suggestions with us.

Happy traveling,

Mutlu Tönbekici & Tülin Kılıç