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A charming mountain lodge in a faraway place where you least expect it to find such things. Niksar - and the valley of the Kelkit generally - is probably the last undiscovered touring frontier in the country.

Ardıçlı is a hill village set high above Niksar, all green and cool and with a splendid view of the valley below. If you happen to be passing by, it is well worth driving the extra 13 kms into this bit of deepest Turkey.
   The hosts are an elderly, engaging country doctor and his wife, who does wonders in the kitchen.

They have two houses next to each other, built in modern chalet style with a lot of sturdy sense but few traditional touches.

The Main House has 6 rooms with private bathrooms. The Little House has 4 rooms that share a bathroom. Usually the Little House is for groups so you won’t have to share bathroom with strangers.

  • Facilities:suburban setting • nice garden • phone in room • tv in room • AC in room • common wc / shower
  • Restaurant:Homemade cuisine
  • Child policy:children welcome
  • Pet policy:

    not accepted

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İki yıl önce eşimle birlikte misafir olduğumuz bu çok güzel ve rahat aile ortamında, Nuber Hanımın yemekleri ve Şehsuvar Beyin muhabbeti ile saatlerce kaldığımız akşam yemeği ve sabah kahvaltısı sofrasından kalkmak istememiştik. Yolunuz yakınından bile geçiyorsa rotanızı değiştirmeye değer.

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